About Me

  1. -Danish Medical Doctor

  2. -Specialist in Anesthesiology

  3. -Educated in Denmark and Sweden

  4. -Worked several years in Asia and Africa with International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

  5. -Diploma in Acupuncture from Beijing - China - (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Dramatically positive results have been achieved with a modified treatment of trigger and tender points in patient with musculo-skeletal pain, using sterile water injections subcutaneously or intracutaneously.

The use of intracutaneous injections is a well established method for obstetric pain relief.

The Danish anesthesiologist Carsten Byrn was the first to use the method to treat patients suffering from different types of musculo-skeletal pain.

The results were immediate and positive with no side effects.

Dr. C. Byrn has demonstrated the method in direct television in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Sterile water treatment should be a first choice in the treatment of pain disorders in muscles, joints, and ligaments, so called musculo-skeletal pain.

The treatment is indicated for

  1. -low back pain

  2. -sciatic

  3. -shoulder pain

  4. -whiplash injuries

  5. -tennis elbow

  6. -knee pain

  7. -fibromyalgia

An article with Dr. Carsten Byrn as the first author was published in the medical journal THE LANCET :


Despite its simplicity this method shall only be used after a physicians

examination for avoiding treatment of especially neurological disorders

demanding other intervention.